Veterans Welding Training Program
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. The families of our casualties suffer in many ways: some financially, some psychologically.

“When America Goes to War…
Our Families Go to War”

Veterans Welding Training Program

United Automobile Workers – Ford (UAW-Ford) is dedicated to showing appreciation and support to our country’s military veterans and their families. Our nation’s military veterans have fulfilled great commitments in protecting our country’s freedom.

UAW-Ford and Wounded Warriors Family Support have partnered to provide a training program in welding for U.S. military veterans. UAW-Ford is offering a six-week Welding Training Program, where selected veterans will train and test for 1G through 4G welding certification. The program will prepare participants to pursue apprenticeships and entry-level positions in welding throughout our nation in industries such as automotive, ship building, construction and many others. The program will take place at UAW-Ford’s Technical Training Center in Lincoln Park, Mich., near Detroit. Please contact the us for additional information on the class schedule.

Wounded Warriors Family Support will provide assistance to veterans selected to participate in the program. Wounded Warriors Family Support will provide each participant with:

  • Double occupancy lodging (each participant will have a roommate)
  • Per diem for food

For a full overview of UAW-Ford’s Veterans Welding Training, click here.

To apply for the Veterans Welding Training, please fill out the following application. For more information about the program, call Martin Duarte at Wounded Warriors Family Support: (760) 405-7777. Or E-mail at:

Disclaimer: This program is to help our veterans develop a skill which would help them find meaningful employment upon completion. The UAW and Ford Motor Company neither guarantees nor provides employment opportunities upon completion.
Basic Information

Military Information

The following documents must be faxed to (402) 916-4399,  -  DD214, VA Disability Rating and Purple Heart Certificate (If applicable). 

You may use to fax these documents from your PC or Mac.  

Application will not be processed without above documents.

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