Caregiver Respite Program

Wounded Warriors Family Support’s largest program is the Caregiver Respite Program.  This is the heart of our organization.  Caring for a wounded veteran can be demanding physically, psychologically and financially.  Oftentimes caregivers are spouses or family members who have many other responsibilities, such as work, managing bills and taking care of children.  Caregivers of veterans often spend long hours caring for their loved one, feel high levels of stress and neglect their own personal health.

Wounded Warriors Family Support’s Caregiver Respite Program provides respite and supplemental services nationwide to the caregivers and families of wounded war veterans.  Our program aims to ensure that family members who were thrust into the role of caregivers are provided with the support they need to keep their families intact while keeping themselves healthy.

Please give us a call at 402-932-7036 if you have questions or need assistance.  If we can not help you directly we will recommend other resources that will be able to address your specific needs.

All programs require an awarded Purple Heart and dependent children.
A copy of the Veteran’s DD214, Purple Heart, and proof of dependent children is required to complete the application.  If the Purple Heart is evident on the DD214, you only need to upload the DD214.  If awarded after exiting the service, a copy of the Purple Heart award or a DD215 must accompany the DD214.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 402-932-7036.

VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers

If you have not yet applied for the VA Caregiver Support Program, this is one of the first steps you should be taking as a veteran’s caregiver.  Wounded Warriors Family Support’s Respite Programs are designed and intended to assist caregivers with needs that fall outside the scope of what is covered within VA programs.  You may apply here:  VA Caregiver Support Program

If you have an immediate need, please call us directly at 402-932-7036

Va Caregiver Support Program