Impressive doesn't seem to be quite fit the word, nor does excellence, efficient and speedy! WWFS has been more than that to my family. It has become my rock when I had no where else to turn to. Not only did WWFS (Wendy) help me with education on some subjects such as TBI when trying to cope with new changes in my husband (wounded 06-07 Iraq), she immediately came in, took charge and helped me to ease some of the fears I had as a spouse, mother and caregiver. Realizing the stress I had, she helped me get my respite care and helped provide someone who could come in and take care of my family while I was gone. Wendy also helped me get through the application process for the flight costs and Air Compassion for Vets. She knew my biggest fear was being the only one carrying my family through all this and what a weight it can bear on the person doing everything for everyone at all times. She even made sure the night before my plane ride to respite, I didn't have to cook dinner for my brood. It had been soooo very long since someone just talked to me, helped me help myself which is something I hadn't quite learned just yet and because we are a little further back in years, they didn't mind at all because we didn't have to be judged just on "less than 24 months of injury". WWFS is helping me with a care plan so I may have much needed surgeries, much needed time to myself and help me get myself back to me. WWFS has exceeded beyond my cynical view of some organizations that help Veterans and their families. I mean that, so many times we were turned away and I wasn't sure why when we were just like everyone else. They not only took us in when I needed a family but, they have continued to call me and check in and just chat. Sometimes that adult conversation is the highlight of my week! I haven't participated in the retreat yet or used any of their programs but, they have been offered to my family. I would bet my last dollar that they exceed anyone's expectations just like what they have done for us. It is very easy for a non--profit to take in a lot of money, shell out so many checks to veterans and their families and then their job is done. The reason WWFS has my recommendation and review is because they went above and beyond to make sure we felt like we mattered, they cared about my Veteran and his family members. Often we families get lost in the shuffle so it was nice to have someone ask ME how I am feeling or doing. Colonel and Wendy and all who help, have been nothing short of a small miracle for my family and look forward to working with them some more. I hope my review helps anyone willing to help this non-profit financially will look at all aspects that sometimes money isn't what we need all the time and often, we get what people think we need. WWFS asks what we need, then takes charge to make sure it gets done. They didn't leave us behind and to me, that says it all right there. Thank you so much Wendy, Colonel and WWFS for taking us into your family and organization. It's appreciated far more than you realize. Kat and The Honaker Family (Rural Moo-Cow Town that's lost in TN)

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