Kacy E.

My name is Kacy, I am the wife of a disabled veteran, who served in the Marine Corps. My husband did two tours in Iraq. He suffers with PTSD and has a Purple Heart. I am a mom of four girls and pregnant with a boy. Wendy Tatro from the WWFS, got in contact with me and invited me to lunch. I met with her and another wife of a disabled veteran. It was really great to go and meet this ladies. One, I never get out and do anything for just me. Two, it was nice to be around people that knew what I was going through. 3, WWFS treated us to getting our nails done. I haven't had my nails done in so long (years). It was nice to not feel overwhelmed and be able to just relax. WWFS helps me feel free of the everyday stress just through a lunch date and conversation. I am thankful for that alone. I do not have close friends, and often feel isolated. I often feel that people don't understand just how bad, war, has affected of lives. WWFS without judgment, understands and is there to listen when you need to vent. Thank you WWFS and thank you Wendy Tatro.

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