Eliza Knight

Wendy Tatro from WWFS helped me to attend a Hearts of Valor retreat in San Diego this past March, 2013. To be selected to attend the retreat was such a blessing and when they told me that there was support to help me pay for child care I was floored. Life can be so overwhelming as the spouse of a disabled warrior and a mother of a one year old. The idea of leaving for a weekend seems out of reach most of the time. The last time I had left, the caregiver who was supposed to help out with my husband made a real disaster of the situation. This situation included care for my husband and son. I need to have people that I trust and I do but of coarse it gets very expensive for a weekend.

Not only did WWFS make it possible for me to attend the retreat which was so helpful, but she talked to me about my role as a caregiver and validated my experiences of challenge. She gave me a lot of helpful advice as someone who has tremendous experience herself. She also gave me hope that maybe some day my family can get some support to go on vacation, where it would be connected to the military so my husband might be willing to go. He is still recovering from his time as a soldier, and it's hard to get him our of the house to do anything new.

Well, to make a long story short, the really amazing part about the help I received from Wendy and WWFS is that it really touched my heart to feel that people care enough to make sure I get a little break from my tough job. I learned so many things that I really needed to know on the retreat. Things that I was having a hard time finding on my own. Wendy also enlightened me with information that really helped.

That weekend and the care I received from Hearts of Valor and WWSF strengthened me to continue to do my best to care for my husband. Slowly but surely, things are improving from the love and care that we have received from these groups.

So thank you! You do make a difference.


Eliza Knight

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