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Wounded Warriors Family Support is a BBB and accredited charity, meeting all twenty standards for charity accountability. Focusing on Governance, Effectiveness, Finances, and Fundraising, the BBB continues to be the benchmark for giving to ensure that charities remain ethical. We are proud to be included as a genuine BBB accredited charity which both volunteers and donors can continue to trust., acting as an arm of the Better Business Bureau, is an organization dedicated to evaluating national charities and reporting on their practices. They do the research and compile the data so donors can make informed decisions when selecting a charity to support. And they promote high standards of conduct for charitable organizations.

Complying with these standards gives charities a twofold benefit. First, it confers distinction and includes them in a community of responsible, self-regulating charitable organizations. It provides charities with a roadmap to ethical and efficient operation. This helps charities like Wounded Warriors Family Support achieve their primary goal: to help people effectively and efficiently. Second, complying with standards confers legitimacy on a charity in the eyes of potential donors.

It can be difficult to determine which charities are worthwhile and reliable. Donors want to trust that their hard-earned money is going to be spent wisely and in a manner that benefits their chosen cause. By establishing a set of transparent guidelines for good practices and encouraging charities to willingly participate in enforcing them, provides donors with a sense of how organizations are administered and how their funds are utilized. 

A spark is struck in all of us when we confront someone’s hardship or need. There’s no need to let that spark die out because of confusion, doubt, or reluctance. The focus of the donor should be on picking a cause and donating. By doing all the grunt work, facilitates the process of philanthropy, giving donors the confidence they’re looking for.

To learn more about the importance of donating to accredited charities, click here.  To review Wounded Warriors Family Support's report here

As always, we work day in and day out to make sure your donations go to our Nation's combat wounded veterans and their families who we serve.

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