The Broesch Family

Dear Wounded Warriors Family Support,

Now that we have been home for a couple days I wanted to write a proper thank you letter. I cannot express what this trip meant to my family. Since my husband, Jerry, returned from his last two tours in Iraq, after being injured both times, life has been different for us. Jerry has been on crutches for over 10 months now and still has no time frame for when he might be able to walk. His neck and back hurt everyday. Between doctor appointments, surgery and physical therapy, there isn't much family time for us. Jerry takes a lot of pain medications so he can't drive, he has a portable traction machine he uses on his neck daily and he has a bone stimulator machine he uses on his knee daily. He hasn't been able to really do much with the girls since his return and this has caused some depression to tackle on top of everything else.

In steps your program! You sent us for 7 days to Orlando. We stayed at the Bahama Bay Resort. The grounds are beautiful and the staff is wonderful. The unit we stayed in was spacious and comfortable. The showers were walk-in with bench seats so Jerry could shower without any problems. The pool was right behind us so even when he didn't feel up to coming out with us, he could sit on the screened porch and watch the girls swim and feel like he wasn't missing everything.

We were able to visit many locations during our trip. We went to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, The Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and we even went to Sea World. It was nice to be able to take our time and set our own pace at the parks. Jerry was able to go on some rides with the girls and they all loved that. At Sea World, Jerry was able to dive with the sharks. Being in the water took all the pressure off his neck, back and knee and for those 30 minutes he was truly able to enjoy himself without pain. And the girls were able to see the "old" Dad as he used to be prior to being injured. This program is amazing. We were able to go somewhere as a family and not think about doctor appointments or physical therapy visits. We were able to just focus on getting our family back. Even though things are never going to be the same in our family, Dad will be OK and that was important for the girls to see and understand.

We can never repay you for the wonderful gift you gave us. It went way beyond just providing us with tickets and a place to stay. It was a huge step in the healing process for our entire family. For that we will be eternally grateful.


The Broesch Family

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