Todd Family

Todd Family

We are so very thankful for the blessings your organization provided for us.  My family really bonded on what to us was a big vacation.  We live near a large lake and touristy area called Lake Havasu.  It’s the current home of the original London Bridge.  I took them there to stay for three days with the generous staycation funds provided.  

I’m somewhat frugal and found a last minute cancellation offer on AirBnB.  We spent some of our time exploring the town and attractions just being tourists.  We also left our electronic devices behind as recommended by WWFS (minus phone).  In the afternoons and evenings we played board games together, cooked together, and talked with one another.  

It changed things for the better in our family especially between me and my 17 y/o son.  It seems simple when describing it now, but it was powerful experience for our family relationships.  It just worked.  I am truly, deeply grateful to WWFS.

Please extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff and organization members who created this opportunity for my family.  Your work made a difference in my life and my family’s lives.  Thank you so very much.


The Todd Family